About Triumph


Triumph Modular is “Redefining Modular”™

Sustainability, efficiency, and intelligent design are qualities of the new era modular buildings. Triumph has helped to reshape the purpose of manufactured structures for commercial buildings.

Today, we operate in two distinct markets with two separate divisions.

Leased buildings: Our relocatable buildings division rents temporary space which is purposeful and fulfills the needs of our repeat customers throughout many industries, examples include construction trailers and temporary school buildings. We aspire to redefine the reputation of trailer space. It is our opinion that a space can be efficient and green even when used short term.

Permanent buildings: In our construction division, we act as a construction manager with unique knowledge and extensive experience in modular building project delivery. We oversee and manage the design, fabrication and installation of custom permanent commercial and institutional buildings. Our buildings are built to near completion in a factory and then installed on site, a process that is inherently green, safe and efficient. We are improving our process with each passing project in order that our client receives the tremendous value that only our delivery method can provide.

As an innovator in the field of high-performance modular buildings we have built and installed numerous award winning green projects including:

  • A 5,800 square foot Green Child Care Center in Cambridge, Ma. 2011 winner of USGBC Massachusetts Innovation in Green Design award.
  • A permanent, 6,000 square foot classroom addition at Oak Hill Middle School in Newton, Ma one of the first public bid projects requiring green design.
  • A 38,000 square foot 35 classroom project in Needham, Ma. winner of the National Modular Building Institute awards“Best in Show” and “Best Green Building” in 2011.

With several LEED professionals on our team, we seek and gain knowledge in the areas of lean construction, green design and the necessary team building processes of modular delivery. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with the best factories, architects, engineers, and contractors. Our likeminded clients seek to occupy some of the nation’s highest quality factory built structures, given it is often a smarter way to build for them and for the planet.

Triumph Modular is “Redefining Modular”™

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