We have modular buildings for a variety of purposes including offices, banks, medical clinics, retail and custom applications.

Our inventory changes regularly, please contact a representative at 978-431-1000 and find out what is available in your local area.

Here are some examples of types of buildings that we have available.

Temporary Modular Bank

Triumph has a 4-plex specially designed for retail bank applications. The building was used by Citizens Bank in Hudson Ma and features an ATM vestibule, a Safe Deposit Box room, private offices, Teller Counter and an employee lounge.


Call 978-431-1000 for more information.  

8-Plex Office

Available now.  Over 5600 square feet of office space with two conference rooms, a break room with sink and fridge, 32 4×6 work spaces, collaboration space with open tables and a telephone/data utility closet.


Typical Exterior For Multi-Plex Modular


Medical Clinic

This 4-plex served as a walk-in medical clinic for a local college.  It has a waiting room, kitchenette, nurse station, 7 private rooms, chart room, 6 exam rooms, and an office.




temporary modular medical clinic




Call 978-431-1000 for more information.  


Solar Studio

Triumph is offering a unique building, the Solar Studio for sale. It is a green modular building with 500 sq ft of living space. From the outside, the most distinguishing feature of the Solar Studio is its butterfly roof line, designed for both passive and active solar energy. The sloping roof allows sunlight in for heating and lighting…..read more, click the link below.

modular solar studio


Learn more about the Solar Studio