Triumph goes to World of Modular 2019!

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World of Modular
Starting tomorrow, Triumph Modular will be attending MBI's World of Modular 2019! Held at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, from March 15th to March 18th, it is the largest modular building industry event in America. Our CEO Cliff Cort will attend. As we do every year, Triumph is competing in the World of Modular's Awards of Distinction. Being that they ... Read More

Solutions for all Medical Spaces, Clinical Labs, and Purposes

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As the United States population grows older, the most numerous and wealthy generation in our history enters old age. These trends warrant unprecedented demand for healthcare infrastructure. Therefore, society should look towards providing speedy fixes for all health needs. Triumph Modular aims to provide cost effective and time effective solutions for all medical spaces and clinical labs. What should your ... Read More

A4LE Northeast Regional Conference! March 27-30, Cambridge MA

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Convention season 2019 is here and we are excited to announce our attendance at the A4LE Northeast Regional Conference! This year, it will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, MA on March 27-30th. If you haven't already, register here. Representatives from Triumph Modular Inc. will be exhibiting and helping as a sponsor. Formerly known as CEFPI, the Association for Learning Environments ... Read More

How to Solve Your Space Needs with Innovative Office Solutions

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innovative office solutions
In today’s economy, companies and organizations require flexible office space, oftentimes delivered on short notice. What innovative office solutions should managers look for? To start, try looking at hybrid approaches, modular construction, ready delivery, and temporary or permanent options. Hybrid ApproachMaybe your organization needs a hybrid approach towards potential office space. Previously, investments in land and building structures were financially ... Read More

Northeastern Temporary Modular – Dorm Leasing Office

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northeastern temporary modular
One of Triumph's recent projects was Northeastern University's new leasing office. NEU needed a way to generate awareness and market their new dorm, LightView, opening in September 2019. To achieve this goal, Northeastern hired Triumph to create a leasing office where students could walk through model dorm rooms. Even while construction of the actual residence goes on, students are able ... Read More

How to Adapt Your Campus to Changing Classrooms Needs

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Agile development has become an increasingly popular approach for school development in recent years. With an agile approach, developers break down a large project into shorter "sprints". This approach allows for flexibility and adaptation to fluctuating needs. For example, with the spread of online learning, students may elect to read/watch their materials online, then come to the classroom for active ... Read More

Managing for Daily Improvement with Nick Masci

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managing daily improvement
How can we implement managing for daily improvement? Nick Masci demonstrates how we improve problem-solving in a prompt manner. Employees communicate roadblocks to managers and managers help employees by removing barriers to doing the work. To get more great videos, click below to subscribe to the Triumph Modular blog! hbspt.cta.load(11346, '1ad8d92e-4ebd-4072-8b48-5900a4db675c', {});

Increasing Enterprise Alignment With Nick Masci

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enterprise alignment
Nick Masci shares with us his insights on how modular projects create enterprise alignment and high performing teams. To get more great videos, click below to subscribe to the Triumph Modular blog! hbspt.cta.load(11346, '1ad8d92e-4ebd-4072-8b48-5900a4db675c', {});

Temporary Modular Student Housing

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Several times a year we hear from prospective clients asking for an affordable and high quality "temporary" modular system of student housing. Whether due to spikes in enrollment, continuing construction projects on campus, or simply the unknowns of long term housing planning, school officials are often in a bind. Triumph Modular is always here to help our clients explore different ... Read More