PowerPAD the Pop-Up Retail Solution

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pop up retail

PowerPAD – Pop-Up Retail Solution What is a pop-up retail solution? Triumph’s PowerPad is an industry first, lock-up, 8’ x 20’ mobile space equipped with solar power, and battery storage. It is flexible, can be used as a temporary or permanent facility. Use it anywhere no need to be tied to the grid! The PowerPAD is secure, ready-to-operate, convenient, quick … Read More

Labor Shortages and Modular Construction

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construction worker
Many of us saw the writing on the wall. It started with Gen X. Fewer Gen X'ers entered the construction trades than any generation before them. There are many theories as to the reasoning for this. The theory I find resonates is that many of this generation were products of dual-earner families. When both parents are employed outside the home, ... Read More

2015 Modular Building Summer Wrap Up

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summer 2015 project wrap up

  2015 was a busy yet productive summer at Triumph! In addition to the modular building projects highlighted below we completed several other small but no less important projects. Summer is always an action packed season at Triumph. Many schools need modular classrooms and complexes installed over the summer months to accommodate the students come fall. With Triumph once more … Read More

Modular Construction Advantages in 2015

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multi-unit modular construction

Permanent Modular Construction, Off-Site Construction, Factory Built, and Prefabricated are all terms that describe the method of construction whereby some portion of the project is built in a controlled offsite environment, typically simultaneously with construction site preparation. Modular Construction Advantages Modular Construction advantages are numerous; they include speed of construction, enhanced quality, decreased material waste, simplified on-site logistics, and less disruption to … Read More

Exploring the Potential of Modular Components

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The Potential of Modular Components Most of the conversations I have had with architects about modular building components include discourse about the stigmas associated with modular construction.  Architects often express limited understanding of what modular building is and how exploring the industry could help their practice. Reactions have ranged from “I never really gave it a thought” to outright resentment … Read More

Off-Site Construction Council

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Off-site construction

Off-Site Construction Council (OSCC) – A council of the National Institute of Building Sciences   Off-site construction is what makes modular design unique. The designing and planning of a building, as well as the fabricating and assembling of the elements that will eventually make up the finished product, all take place at a location other than the destined final site. Most … Read More

5 Cutting-Edge Examples of Modular Design

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modular housing habitat 67
Habitat 67, Montreal Canada In 1960, Moshe Safdie, FAIA was a young architectural visionary with a revolutionary scheme for a hybrid of the suburban single-family home and the urban apartment building. He based his undergraduate thesis at McGill University in Montreal, on the idea. And unlike many of his peers visions, Safdie’s actually got built. It was built using modular ... Read More

Top 5 Design Trends for Educational Facilities

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design trends

Design Trends for Education In our last blog post “Discover the Whole Building Design Guide” we highlighted this valuable resource whose goal is to create successful high-performance buildings by applying an integrated design and team approach to projects during the planning and programming phases.  Recently in their Design Guidance Education section it is discussed how “lights, colors, size of facilities and layout of rooms can … Read More

Triumph Modular – 2015 Family Business Award Finalist

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Governor Charles Baker proclaimed  June 10, 2015 as Family Business Day and celebrated with a gala held at the 9th Annual Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Awards Ceremony.  The Massachusetts Family Business Awards program was created to promote and highlight some of the great achievements of Massachusetts-based, family-held businesses and entrepreneurs. The Massachusetts Family Business Awards program was created to promote and highlight … Read More