Modular in a Minute (Video)

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Can an hour-long presentation be distilled into a one minute video? That’s the challenge that we gave ourselves with this week’s post. Brevity is hard.  To paraphrase a quote often attributed to Winston Churchill (or Woodrow Wilson depending on whom you ask), “if you want me to talk for an hour, I can do it right now.  If want me … Read More

Renewed and refreshed coming out of ABX/Greenbuild – spurs an idea . . .

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Renewed and refreshed coming out of ABX/Greenbuild – spurs an idea . . . We had a great reception at Del Frisco’s where we connected more personally with old friends and new.   We had a ton of visitors and it felt like all were relaxed and being themselves.   Building construction and maintenance is complex territory, successful outcomes  require healthy teams … Read More

How to Create Campuses That Adapt to Changing Needs

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Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab

The Challenge of Making Buildings Flexible ~ How to Create Campuses That Adapt to Changing Needs   The Society for Colleges and University Planning (SCUP) featured an article in the September edition of Planning for Higher Education Journal.  Triumph is proud to be a member of SCUP, a Learning Community Where Ideas, Resources, and Connections Advance Planning for Higher Education. Here is … Read More

How much does a modular building cost?

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modern sustainable modular office building

Modular Building Cost Configurator “How much does modular construction cost?”   “How does it compare to conventional methods of construction?” “What are modular building costs, excluding site work?” We get these questions a lot, and although it’s a great challenge to answer the questions early in the process, we do believe it is worthwhile to make every effort to provide … Read More

Veterans Triumph in Run to Home Base at Fenway

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Triumph at Run to Home Base

Proud to be a Sponsor of Run to Home Base ~ Saturday,  July 15rd  – Triumph will be at Fenway Park on the concourse as a Sponsor for Run to Home Base. Since its inception in 2010,  Triumph has been honored to support the men and women who serve in the Military thru our involvement with Run to Home Base.   This … Read More

Modular Construction Makes Headlines With Investment By Google

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A first-year engineer at Google makes well over $100,000. That’s more than twice the average household income for the whole country. And yet, surprisingly, these employees are having a hard time finding places they can afford to live within commuting distance of Google’s Mountain View, CA, Headquarters. Google sees this as a big problem and they’ve come up with a … Read More

Triumph Selected as UCANE’s Associate Member of the Month

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Utility Contractors’ Association of New England (UCANE) Features Triumph’s Mobile Office Big Room in May Issue of Construction Outlook The Utility Contractors’ Association of New England (UCANE) is comprised of over 250 major contractors and associated businesses who perform underground utility construction projects in Massachusetts and throughout New England. A longstanding member of the Association, Triumph has provided field offices and storage … Read More

Triumph Modular – Mobile APP hits handheld devices April 2017

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Triumph Modular Mobile App

Apps Make Life Easier! Congratulations Linda Bee and Triumph Modular.  This blog is to memorialize a major milestone – to thank Linda Bee and our marketing department for giving our customers the ability to contact our company via handheld and other mobile devices with the newly launched Triumph Mobile App.  I don’t want to soon forget this accomplishment and the gratitude … Read More