Building Harvard’s New “Life Lab” – Interview with Gregg Kelly

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On November 3, 2016, Harvard University announced the opening of the new Pagliuca Life Sciences Lab.  Located in Allston next to the existing Innovation Lab, the new Life Lab was built using accelerated modular construction. Triumph worked with leading modular fabricator, NRB, to build 34 highly specialized steel-framed modules in their state-of-the-art factory.  Gregg Kelly, Triumph’s head of consulting services, … Read More

Terms of the Trade – Modular & Prefab Glossary

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How do you define “modular construction”?    Ask five different people, you’re likely to get five different answers.  The goal of this article is to clarify misconceptions to help you make informed decisions about what construction technique makes the most sense for your project. Modular vs. Prefab These terms cause a lot of confusion, and understandably so, because they are … Read More

High Performance Schools: Raising the Bar

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High performance schools

Raising the Bar for Academic Achievement High Performance Buildings were first introduced to our lexicon through The Energy Policy Act of 2005, and since then the High Performance Building (HPB) movement has gained momentum and transformed the built environment.  What began as an effort to make buildings “greener” has since evolved to include more tangible attributes such as health and productivity. … Read More

Sponsors Take Part in Run to Home Base at Fenway

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Sponsors take part in Run to Home Base

Every year, Triumph Modular supports veterans by participating in the Run to Home Base at Fenway Park. As proud sponsors again for the fifth year at the Run to Home Base at Fenway, we are pleased to announce our Red Sox ticket drawing winners. We had many families of veterans try their hand in a corn hole game in order to become eligible for the drawing. … Read More

The Future of Modular – Reconfigurable Campus?

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Modular Reconfigurable Campus Every day, we are asked where the future of modular building is headed?  What will a classroom look like in 2025?  Can an office complex be relocated from one location to another? What is the standard for healthy livable work spaces?  Do you have a relocatable building that can be leased for a couple of years? Do these buildings meet … Read More

Veterans Triumph in Run to Home Base at Fenway

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Triumph at Run to Home Base

Proud to be a Sponsor of Run to Home Base ~ Saturday,  July 23rd  – Triumph will be at Fenway Park on the concourse as a Sponsor for Run to Home Base. Since its inception in 2010,  Triumph has been honored to support the men and women who serve in the Military thru our involvement with Run to Home Base.    The Red … Read More

2016 Facilities Management Trends to Watch

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Facilities Management Trends – Overall we have seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of space allocated to each employee, mainly due to ever increasing flexibility and mobility with ability to bring devices to work or work from home. In addition, building operational efficiency is still important as well as the integration of systems; HVAC, boiler, lighting and the like … Read More