Leave No Trace Building

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Leave no trace. For campers and hikers this phase means enjoying the beauty of wilderness parks and trails without impacting wildlife and the environment. For Triumph, the mantra has important implications for how we approach many modular building projects. For traditional construction, this phrase doesn’t apply. Constructing a building is typically approached with the assumption that it will be in … Read More

The UI/UX of Modular Building Design

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How Triumph Focuses On User Experience UI and UX are techie abbreviations “user interface” and “user experience.”   The terms are most often used for software but they are also important for modular building design. The best example of a breakthrough in user experience is the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. When Steve Jobs unveiled the small black device … Read More

Awards of Distinction – World of Modular 2016

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2016 Awards of Distinction

2016 Modular Building Awards At the 33rd Anniversary World of Modular convention, held in San Diego, the Modular Building Institute presented awards for this year’s best modular buildings. A prestigious panel of judges scored building entries on a number of criteria, including architectural excellence, technical innovation, cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, and calendar days to complete. “As an industry we are committed to … Read More

The Modular iLab Solution

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modular ilab solution
What is an iLab? Innovation is about what is new, what is next, it is about taking a leap forward into unchartered territory. Innovation labs are incubators designed to foster seedling ideas allowing them to grow and take that leap. Harvard iLab Perhaps the most famous example of an iLab or innovation lab is the Harvard Innovation Lab. On the ... Read More

Modular Construction and Environmental Benefits

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modular construction environmental benefits

Does Modular Construction have environmental benefits? We would like to explore modular construction environmental benefits.  In a recent article by Jess Shanahan of Construction Global, one of the largest sources of waste is from the construction industry, it’s estimated that 25 to 40% of solid waste in the USA is from construction and demolition, with only 20% being recycled. Generally, a new … Read More

Offsite construction methods becoming popular in 2016

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Offsite Construction

Offsite construction methods is one of the top 10 trends to watch in 2016 according to Construction Dive Offsite — also known as modular or prefabricated — construction has been gaining ground as an alternative building method that offers the benefits of reduced construction time, less waste and possible cost savings. As companies struggle to staff job sites and stick to difficult schedules, many have started to turn to … Read More

Modular Construction Advantages in Urban Areas

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EMD serono modular office space exterior

With 30-50% faster completion time, and less time needed on the construction site, it’s becoming more difficult to ignore modular building. Not only are modular construction practices efficient, they are making an impact in urban areas like San Francisco, New York, and major cities overseas. Modular building in urban areas offers builders better quality control, reduces production costs, and due … Read More

The Stages of Volumetric Modular Construction

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volumetric modular construction

The Stages of Volumetric Modular Construction There are four stages that take place with volumetric modular construction. Design approval by the owner, architect, developer and any authorities having jurisdiction over the project. Next, assembly of module components in a controlled factory setting. Then transportation of modules to the project site where they will be assembled to create a building.  Lastly, … Read More

Triumph Modular’s Lean Journey: Becoming a More Efficient Workforce, Delivering Greater Customer Value

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triumph's lean journey team

At the Lean Construction Institute in January 2015, Triumph President Cliff Cort attended a Lean training, facilitated by Haley & Aldrich, an environmental and engineering consultancy that applies Lean principles to help their clients realize powerful results. After this training, we understood Lean and its “hidden power” in a whole new way. With this new understanding, leadership at Triumph decided … Read More