Can Modular Housing improve the Affordable Housing Shortage?

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Chicago-based construction firm opens new manufacturing facility to address the Affordable Housing Shortage.  Could this help Boston? Last week, Skender opened their new facility in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood. Located at 3348 S. Pulaski Road, the factory will produce modular affordable housing units. Why modular? This method ensures that all units are built under controlled factory conditions, away from unpredictable ... Read More

Affordable Modular Residential Development

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Although our projects usually center around educational and commercial buildings, Triumph also does multi-unit residential development. Looking back, let’s take a peek at one of our previous projects, a multi-unit residential housing development in Acton, MA. Acton Housing Authority, McCarthy Village II is a 12 unit rental housing complex. One of the best aspects of this housing project is that … Read More

Aesthetics and Innovative Modular Buildings

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When it comes to modular buildings, most people think first about utility, speed, and cost savings. But what about aesthetics and innovative modular? Everyone is happier when they have a good looking building with the custom features they need. Hence, Triumph is Redefining Modular. We are reshaping the modular mindset, one visually stunning building at a time. Making Temporary Spaces ... Read More

Lean Construction and the Efficiency of Factory Built Buildings

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At Triumph Modular, we pride ourselves in creating lean buildings to deliver maximum value to the customer. But, what are lean principles, and how can lean-constructed buildings help you save time and money? Lean starts with value, in the eye of the customer. It is a systematic method to reduce waste in manufacturing and construction, without sacrificing productivity. When Triumph ... Read More

Modular in Education: Portable Classrooms and Permanent Buildings

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chelmsford public schools
Modular buildings in education are quickly becoming a popular alternative to stick-built construction. Whether you need portable classrooms or a permanent building, modular is an attractive approach because it works. We deliver the results you want, within the budget you want, in or before the deadline. Portable SchoolsPortable classrooms and other buildings serve a crucial need in education. If you ... Read More

Northeastern Dorm Leasing Office: Triumph International Award Win

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Dorm Leasing Office at Northeastern University gets honors in international modular Awards of Distinction. Triumph Modular won First Place in the Relocatable Modular Retail category for the Dorm Leasing Office at Northeastern University. In Las Vegas, we received this prize at the 36th annual World of Modular Awards of Distinction. As an international institute, the MBI awards program showcases top-of-the-line ... Read More

Modular Building Resources: Whitepapers to Download

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WS development
Interested in more information about modular construction? Check out our modular building resources. We have provided these informative whitepapers for you to download. Prefabrication and Modularization in the Construction Industry Improving Construction Efficiency Offsite Modular Construction Explained For even more modular building resources, click here.

How to Adapt Your Campus to Changing Classrooms Needs

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Agile is becoming increasingly popular for school development in recent years. With an agile approach, developers break down a large project into shorter "sprints". This approach allows for flexibility and adaptation to fluctuating needs. For example, with the spread of online learning, students may elect to read/watch their materials online, then come to the classroom for active work on group ... Read More

WS Development – Management Office at the heart of Seaport Boston

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Boston’s Seaport District is currently undergoing massive development of retail, office space, residential, and hotels. At the heart of this development effort is WS Development of Boston. Already, WS owns over 7.6 million square feet in the district and has brought retailers like lululemon to the Boston Seaport. To say they are a huge contributor to incredible transformation of the ... Read More