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According to Fox News, five million students in the United States are attending lessons in a portable classroom each day . With increasing enrollment, budget cuts, and overcrowding on the rise, these classrooms serve a very important purpose.

Portable classrooms offer a quick, affordable solution to a long term problem. But often “temporary” classrooms end up being not so temporary, kept in place year after year. Many communities, in conjunction with the modular building industry are learning to do a better job of providing improved types of swing spaces for classrooms. Understanding that school districts are faced with uncertainty in space planning, our industry is working with the schools to design and budget for affordable solutions that can be used temporarily but are also healthy for the students, enhance their learning and are good for the community and planet.

Here at Triumph, we spotted the problems with ‘barely code compliant’ classrooms early on. Nearly a decade ago we began developing the “Next Generation” of portable classroom that takes into account student health, and principles of green learning environments, while also remaining affordable.

Triumph’s latest modular classrooms are high quality, energy efficient, and cost effective. Temporary classrooms can be delivered and operational very quickly, depending on their size.

Our next generation of portable classrooms typically offer:

-An improved air quality with mold-resistant wall board. All materials used are formaldehyde free with little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
-HVAC that operates an average of 44% more efficiently during cooling and 38% more efficiently during heating. (see comparison information at www.triumphmodular.com)
-Large double insulated windows and Sun Tunnel skylights allow for more natural sunlight and less artificial lighting.
-Building envelope that controls unwanted moisture and prevents heat loss while minimizing exterior noise penetration and lowering interior noise levels.
– Structural elements made from recycled steel, interior finish that is natural coated formaldehyde-free medium density fiberboard recycled wood product, FSC-certified floor plywood, and carpet tiles made from recycled content.
-Little site disruption & short installation time, as 95% of the classroom is made off-site.
Check out the Harvard Yard Child Care Center Portable Classroom that was designed, built and installed by Triumph! This project was completed in six weeks and has a 50 year life span.

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