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Perkins+ Will just launched a new website featuring Sprout Space, the first ever high performance modular classroom available nationwide. Sprout Space incorporates cutting edge green building strategies to reduce energy costs and to enhance student learning. We are proud to announce ourselves, Triumph Modular as Perkins+Will’s distribution, installation and marketing partner.

Please visit the site here: www.sproutspace.com  to learn more.

The site details the innovative features of Sprout Space, specifically how it is designed to be healthy, sustainable, and flexible. Curious about the design of Sprout Space? You will find the site incorporates two interactive models, where viewers can use their mouse to get a 360 degree view of both the interior and exterior of Sprout Space. For the interactive models, visit http://www.sproutspace.com/Design/Index

Details about the launch of Sprout Space can be uncovered in the latest Perkins + Will press release . With over 7.5 million children being taught in temporary classrooms today, Perkins + Will set out to create a sustainable, yet affordable 21st century modular classroom. Healthy and effective learning are at the core of the design. Award Winner of the Open Architecture Challenge: Design the Classroom of the Future, Sprout Space addresses both teacher and student needs through a dynamic and flexible design, which allows for various teaching styles, changeable seating arrangements, and an outdoor learning environment. Sprout Space design is thought to be everything that students, teachers, parents and community planners desire in a classroom.

Screen Capture from sproutspace.com about section

Screen Capture from sproutspace.com About Section

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