Zero-Net Energy Homes in Devens, Mass.

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Making Zero-Net Energy Possible We spend a lot of time talking and thinking about zero-net energy construction. Living and working off the grid, so to speak, is the ultimate sustainable practice. In California, the goal is to make zero-net the standard for all new housing by 2020 and all new commercial buildings by 2030. Triumph Modular is currently involved in a … Read More

Modular buildings as classrooms – in a different way

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There was a fun story about the educational benefits of modular buildings as classrooms in the Charleston Daily Mail in Charleston, West Virginia. A teacher at Preston County High School, in Kingwood, West Virginia, has been working with students to create one-room modular structures that are then auctioned off to people around the county. The newspaper describes this year’s model … Read More

LEED and the Public Bidding Process

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Federal, state and city governments as well as many large private organizations are legislating, mandating or at least communicating that any new built environment built for them will need to be LEED certified to some level. What I find to be a huge disconnect is that the people who are clamoring for green schools historically do not engage in the … Read More

Green Classrooms in Newton?

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On Monday, July 20th, the Newton School Committee voted to approve funding for the design of modular classrooms for the city’s Oak Hill Middle School. The purpose for the modular classrooms will be to help keep classroom sizes small. According to the Tab, the city’s newspaper, the committee isn’t sure if they will go with traditional modular classrooms or with … Read More

Triumph Modular now has two LEED APs

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LEED v4 Material Resources

Chad Butcher, Project Coordinator at Triumph Modular, has passed the LEED NC exam and joins Glenn Cort, VP of Business Development as the second LEED Accredited Professional on Triumph Modular’s staff. Both Glenn and Chad look forward to bringing sustainable building practices to the commercial modular industry. In the past, commercial modular construction was known for only temporary buildings. The … Read More

Modular design: Sedona’s Economic Future?

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Modular Construction Driving Economies

Harve Stanley, a member of Sedona, Arizona’s Waste water Effluent Disposal and Land Use Taskforce (WEDLU), recommends that the city make use of modular construction for both residential and commercial buildings. According to Sedona News, Stanley also recommends an eco-friendly historical Pueblo Revival (Santa Fe) theme. “Santa Fe designs lend themselves to modular construction and provide the best building envelope … Read More

School enrollment bulging in Canton, Mass.

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school enrollment canton

school enrollment canton: Another Massachusetts school district is facing bulging school enrollment: this one the Kennedy Elementary School in Canton. School officials there project an additional 30 students will be enrolled in K-5 for the school year starting in September. And larger increases are expected in future years. One consideration is that new special education programs are requiring more classroom … Read More