Modular design: Sedona’s Economic Future?

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Modular Construction Driving Economies

Harve Stanley, a member of Sedona, Arizona’s Waste water Effluent Disposal and Land Use Taskforce (WEDLU), recommends that the city make use of modular construction for both residential and commercial buildings. According to Sedona News, Stanley also recommends an eco-friendly historical Pueblo Revival (Santa Fe) theme. “Santa Fe designs lend themselves to modular construction and provide the best building envelope … Read More

School enrollment bulging in Canton, Mass.

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school enrollment canton

school enrollment canton: Another Massachusetts school district is facing bulging school enrollment: this one the Kennedy Elementary School in Canton. School officials there project an additional 30 students will be enrolled in K-5 for the school year starting in September. And larger increases are expected in future years. One consideration is that new special education programs are requiring more classroom … Read More

Brand New North Andover Preschool Almost Ready!

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Permanent Modular School

Preschoolers will soon be able to tour their new dedicated preschool building late this summer now that construction and installation were completed as of last month. Read the full article about the North Andover Modular Preschool Building in the North Andover Citizen.

Economic indicator?

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economic indicator

Economic Indicator in Portland, Oregon it looks like the areas of growth for mobile offices include local, state and federal government agencies. But private sector construction and other job sites are trimming back to reflect the leaner economy. “Companies have gotten leaner, if the size of their jobsite trailers is any indication” said Adora Maguire, director of marketing and business … Read More

Triumph Modular Builds a New Home for the “CUBS” of Franklin Elementary School

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Franklin CUBS Preschool

Triumph is pleased to announce the completion of its latest project: a custom designed modular preschool for the Franklin Elementary School in North Andover, Massachusetts. The new building will house the Franklin “CUBS” preschool, named for Children United by Special Abilities. “It has been very exciting for us to watch the building come together so quickly,” said Preschool Coordinator Marylou … Read More

Who in Washington is committed to creating better learning environments?

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learning environments

Learning environments: You get a pretty good picture right here of which members of Congress count the development of better classrooms and schools among their priorities. Back in May, the House passed H.R. 2187 – the 21st Century Green High-Performing Public Schools Facilities Act. The measure would set aside more than $6 billion to be distributed by the Department of … Read More

Growing pains don’t have to be so painful.

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Portable Classrooms

They’re experiencing growing pains in Charles Town West Virginia. Bulging enrollment at the South Jefferson Elementary School and other schools there means as many as a third of the students are housed in portable classrooms. I would say this is good for our industry, except educators and pupils alike in Charles Town aren’t happy with the classroom environment. That’s a … Read More

Quality. Concurrence. Craven.

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craven: Katherine Craven, executive director of the Massachusetts School Building Authority, spent about 90 minutes recently touring the Carroll School and talking about the challenges of meeting school district space needs in a cost-effective manner. The speed to occupancy benefits and high quality of today’s permanent modular school buildings resonated most with Craven. Think of the benefits to a community … Read More