The Survey Says… We Have a Winner!

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big room

There’s only one way to keep up with the changing needs of our clients — ask! We created a short online survey that we circulated to our clients.  No matter how brief we made the survey (it was only 2-minutes), we realize that time is valuable.  To help make it fun and compensate for the time it took, we enrolled … Read More

Educational Facilities: Find Inspiration Off-Campus!

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educational facilities

Triumph’s Nick Masci and Melissa McEwen of Haley & Aldrich hosted a session at the annual conference of the Eastern Region of The APPA — Leadership in Educational Facilities. Their interactive session focused on how education facility managers are finding inspiration by getting off campus and outside higher ed.  By visiting other locations they gain exposure to best practices in … Read More

The Future of Student Housing: Notes From Bisnow

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Triumph’s Executive Vice President, Glenn Cort, participated in a panel on the future of student housing hosted by Bisnow.  The panel included representatives from MIT, Northeastern, CBT Architects, and the Boston Planning and Development Agency. The focus was on trends and recent student housing projects in the Boston area.  With the boom in construction happening in the Boston area, one … Read More

Guide to Architectural Design in Modular Construction

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architectural design

Learn About the Five W’s of Modular/Offsite Construction — WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, HOW — with this Guide to Architectural Design in Modular Construction At Triumph, we have exclusively used modular practices to build commercial buildings for over twenty years. We have learned many things through direct experience during this time. Most important has been recognizing the experts in the … Read More

Triumph and GreenStaxx Form Strategic Partnership to Build Student Housing

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We are pleased to announce that Triumph has entered into a strategic partnership with GreenStaxx.  This collaborative arrangement enables GreenStaxx and Triumph to meet the growing demand for more sophisticated living communities at schools and colleges using pre-engineered designs that eliminate the frustration with the lead-times, variables, disruption and cost inherent in traditional construction. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, GreenStaxx is … Read More

Modular Forecast to Grow Worldwide to $129B by 2023

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modular is forecast to grow worldwide

A new report shows modular is forecast to grow worldwide to $129 billion by 2023.  Last week we wrote about the rapid growth of permanent modular construction here in the United States as measured from 2014 to 2017. This forecast includes all types of modular construction — both relocatable and permanent — and covers markets throughout the world.  It’s an … Read More

Modular Gains Momentum

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Modular Building

For many years, modular construction has struggled with a perception problem.  I’m happy to report there’s growing awareness of the benefits of modular construction and it’s gaining momentum. Our industry trade group, the Modular Building Institute along with Sage Policy Group, track permanent modular construction and their data show the value of permanent modular construction projects grew from $3.8 billion … Read More

Triumph introduces the Modular Makerspace!

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MakerSpace Interior

Introducing the “Triumph Modular Makerspace” The Movable Modular Makerspace can be delivered, setup and ready to support STEM programs within a matter of weeks.  The Modular Makerspace  is pre-designed, pre-engineered and pre-costed to provide movable workspaces, instruction zones, shelving for equipment and storage typical of a state of the art “maker” environment. Write-on walls, LED lighting, plenty of natural light, durable floor … Read More

Virtual Walkthrough – Using VR to “See” Modular Buildings Before They’re Built

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virtual walkthrough of harvard life lab

Virtual Reality, or VR, is making it possible to walk through modular buildings before they’re built.  Prior to now, two-dimensional architectural drawings were the best way to get a sense of how a new building will look — how rooms, doors, furniture, windows and appliances all fit into the space. But most humans learn best through direct experience and there … Read More

Modular Micro Hospitals: Why Small is Big in Healthcare

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modular health clinic

Micro hospitals and regional Urgent Care Centers are a growing trend in healthcare. A recent article in Business Insider stated that there are now over 10,000 regional UCCs with the market growing at over 4% per year. The primary factor behind this trend is convenience. It’s much easier for patients suffering from cold, flu, and non-life-threatening conditions to get immediate … Read More