Virtual Walkthrough – Using VR to “See” Modular Buildings Before They’re Built

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virtual walkthrough of harvard life lab

Virtual Reality, or VR, is making it possible to walk through modular buildings before they’re built.  Prior to now, two-dimensional architectural drawings were the best way to get a sense of how a new building will look — how rooms, doors, furniture, windows and appliances all fit into the space. But most humans learn best through direct experience and there … Read More

Modular Micro Hospitals: Why Small is Big in Healthcare

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modular health clinic

Micro hospitals and regional Urgent Care Centers are a growing trend in healthcare. A recent article in Business Insider stated that there are now over 10,000 regional UCCs with the market growing at over 4% per year. The primary factor behind this trend is convenience. It’s much easier for patients suffering from cold, flu, and non-life-threatening conditions to get immediate … Read More

Pyeongchang Olympic Media Residence Modular Hotel

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modular hotel

Olympic Media Residence Modular Hotel The 2018 games are underway in Pyeongchang.  It was a formidable challenge to create facilities and accommodations for nearly three thousand athletes and over three million spectators.  To meet this challenge, the Olympic organizers in South Korea used modular construction to create a modular hotel. Leveraging the benefits of off-site construction To be reused in … Read More

How “Hybrid” Modular Buildings Address Changing Space Needs

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crystal springs refurbished modular classroom

Modular buildings have sometimes been referred to as Hybrids.   Modular buildings have done a nice job particularly in recent years addressing quickly changing needs for space.  Investments in land and “brick n mortar” are under greater scrutiny today because rapidly-changing technology is driving the need for more flexible facilities. Planners are embracing a “hybrid” approach where construction projects start with … Read More

Modular API – The Importance of Architecturally Planned Integration

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volumetric modular construction

Architecturally Planned Integration for Modular Construction The expertise of architects extends well beyond appearance. The plans and drawings must take into account complex and mostly unseen systems for heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical in addition to the visible design. With volumetric modular construction, up to 90% of the construction takes place off site.  The modules arrive with most of the systems … Read More

What’s Ahead for Off-Site Construction in 2018

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What trends should you watch for in 2018?  Will the use of modular and other forms of off-site construction grow in the year ahead?  In order to answer these questions we spoke with Ryan Smith, Director of Integrated Technology and Architecture at the University of Utah.  He is  author of several books including Prefab Architecture and co-editor of Building Systems. … Read More

Modular in a Minute (Video)

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Can an hour-long presentation be distilled into a one minute video? That’s the challenge that we gave ourselves with this week’s post. Brevity is hard.  To paraphrase a quote often attributed to Winston Churchill (or Woodrow Wilson depending on whom you ask), “if you want me to talk for an hour, I can do it right now.  If want me … Read More

Renewed and refreshed coming out of ABX…

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Renewed and refreshed coming out of ABX/Greenbuild – spurs an idea . . . We had a great reception at Del Frisco’s where we connected more personally with old friends and new.   We had a ton of visitors and it felt like all were relaxed and being themselves.   Building construction and maintenance is complex territory, successful outcomes  require healthy teams … Read More

How to Create Flexible Campuses for Changing Needs

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Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab

The Challenge of Making Buildings Flexible ~ How to Create Campuses That Adapt to Changing Needs   The Society for Colleges and University Planning (SCUP) featured an article in the September edition of Planning for Higher Education Journal about the importance of flexible building.  Triumph is proud to be a member of SCUP, a Learning Community Where Ideas, Resources, and Connections Advance … Read More

How much does a modular building cost?

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modern sustainable modular office building

Modular Building Cost Configurator “How much does modular construction cost?”   “How does it compare to conventional methods of construction?” “What are modular building costs, excluding site work?” We get these questions a lot. We believe it is worthwhile to make every effort to provide early budget guidance.  Often Owners thinking about a construction project just want some rough budget information … Read More