Triumph Modular – Mobile APP hits handheld devices April 2017

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Triumph Modular Mobile App

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Congratulations Linda Bee and Triumph Modular.  This blog is to memorialize a major milestone – to thank Linda Bee and our marketing department for giving our customers the ability to contact our company via handheld and other mobile devices with the newly launched Triumph Mobile App.  I don’t want to soon forget this accomplishment and the gratitude we all feel for the efforts that went into this.

Technology should make it easier for customers to do business, and therefore its presentation and deliverables need to be simple and user-friendly.   Seldom seen, what goes into the back-end is hard work. It started with daunting challenge of new software conversion, which enabled our rental system , mobile app and web site to work together to create a suite of new features for both current and new customers.  These features allow our customers to start a new quote from their handheld 24/7, pay a bill, contact us for service and begin a conversation with a Triumph representative with just a few taps from their phones.

Again, in closing, I would be remiss in not congratulating Linda Bee and all those on our staff who take pride each day in Redefining Modular® for carving out how we are different and for seeking continual improvement on behalf of our customers.

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A graduate of Boston University School of Law (90), Glenn left a legal career for Triumph in 2003. A LEED AP (USGBC) he works with clients primarily in preconstruction to form healthy foundations for successful projects. Glenn advocates for the value proposition in prefabricated forms of construction, believing in the many benefits of “activation space” or “swing space” as well in the “modularization” of permanent building construction. He also enjoys an active curriculum in architecture and building science.

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