Triumph Modular offers both temporary and permanent solutions for the educational sector.

Temporary modular buildings offer quick, flexible, cost-effective solutions to changing demographics and increasing enrollment. Their unique ability to relocate makes them an excellent investment for schools. Temporary modular buildings can be suited to your budget by choosing standard grade buildings, high performance sustainably minded buildings or buildings that fall somewhere in between. Triumph offers both in stock and custom solutions for educational facilities.

Permanent modular construction is simply a method of building. It is important to keep in mind modular construction is a process not a product. Using modular methods, your custom designs can be built in a factory, transported and assembled on site. As an example, watch this video of a permanent modular childcare facility we built being assembled on site. Permanent modular buildings are built using the same materials as conventional methods, just faster and with less waste.

Examples of modular buildings Triumph offers to the educational sector include classrooms, libraries, administrative offices, restroom facilities, science labs, locker rooms and childcare facilities. We also provide school complexes that encompass any or all of the above.