Triumph Modular leases pre-designed Temporary building space, and design builds permanent building solutions for the educational sector.

Temporary modular buildings for the education sector offer quick, flexible, cost-effective solutions to changing demographics and increasing enrollment. Their unique ability to relocate makes them an excellent investment for schools. Temporary modular buildings can be suited to your budget by choosing standard grade buildings, high performance sustainable minded buildings or buildings that fall somewhere in between.

Permanent modular construction for education sector an accelerated process, NOT a product. An alternative to conventional construction, saves time and often is more cost effective, safer and more predictable.  Moves construction off the campus to the highest degree possible.   This is an accelerated process –  not a product.   Custom designed pre-fab building “modules” built in a factory, transported and assembled on site.   Examples click here:  video of a permanent modular childcare facility we built being assembled on site.

STEM-Related Facilities are essential for schools at all levels to provide training in science, technology, engineering and math.  Triumph has extensive experience creating labs, innovation spaces, play spaces, and art facilities to encourage this type of learning.