School facilities should be as unique as their occupants, designed to fulfill the faculty and student requirements. Provide inventive spaces and allow them to do what is most important teach and learn.

There is no reason for schools to be bland boring boxes. Modular construction is simply a means to attain your educational design goals. Open expanses, collaborative spaces, natural light, and green roofs, are all design trends that you can achieve using modular construction methods.

Custom modular school complexes can include for example additional classrooms, a library, gymnasium, research facilities, administrative offices, fitness facilities, childcare center, or an auditorium. Modular complexes can be modified and expanded at later dates.

Custom modular school buildings offer the permanence and performance levels of conventional construction but in a fraction of the time. They are built to meet your specific design requirements and material specifications, with complete customization as needed. Of course, flexibility is built in. With Triumph you’ll be in your new school facility sooner than you imagined.

Hear testimonials from our past clients:

It has been an amazing experience to watch your team create a modern 40,000 SF school in what, weeks before, was a parking lot. Your team made look effortless what was not. Your subcontractors performed everything asked of them without hesitation. And the responsiveness has continued as we iron out the minor wrinkles that come with any new facility.Richard Thuma, PERMANENT PUBLIC BUILDING COMMITTEE, TOWN OF NEEDHAM