Sustainability Ideas for Schools

  1. COST SAVINGS: The modular construction method is a cost-effective space solution which will help control the escalating costs of construction. Not only is the price comparable to stick-built, but the method ensures that costs do not spiral out of control during construction.
  2. TIME SAVINGS: The modular construction method allows for an accelerated time frame and faster occupancy for schools and businesses that need space, fast. With the efficiency and time savings afforded by modular construction, the total time from conception to completion of a new building can be as little as six months.
  3. QUALITY: Both permanent and relocatable modular buildings provide high quality, customizable solutions which can quickly and cost-effectively accommodate temporary or permanent, long or short-term space needs.
  4. ENVIRONMENT: Triumph created a green building system – the first moveable modular classroom in the country designed to meet LEED® standards – and is now working to create the next generation of green modular buildings. Modular construction is inherently green and environmentally friendly due to the nature of off-site construction and its lesser impact on the surrounding environment.
  5. HEALTH: Design features such as mold-resistant dry wall, improved ventilation systems, and natural lighting provide a healthy learning environment for students and teachers, which have been shown to reduce allergies, asthma, headaches, and other health issues.
  6. PERFORMANCE: Studies have proven that the quality of a learning space can directly impact student performance. A high performance modular classroom can have a real and measurable affect on a student’s education.
  7. INNOVATION: Modular designs can be customized to serve a broad range of needs and include the most advanced green and sustainable features and LEED-focused design elements.
  8. CUSTOMIZABLE: Modular classrooms are not all cookie-cutter space solutions. They can easily be designed to meet the specific needs of any school. The modular preschool created for the Franklin Elementary School in North Andover, Massachusetts was customized to meet specific design requirements, including 10-inch toilets for the small-in-stature students, and sustainable features to give the students an optimal learning environment.
  9. RELOCATABLE: Relocatable buildings, although moveable, are of permanent quality and can endure well beyond the users’ temporary needs if necessary. They provide fast delivery, ease of relocation, low-cost reconfiguration, accelerated depreciation schedules, and enormous flexibility, without sacrificing quality.
  10. PERMANENT: Permanent modular buildings are utilized in any application where stick-built construction is used. Permanent modular buildings offer the fast delivery, low-cost reconfiguration, and enormous flexibility of modular construction, while maintaining the permanent quality and durability of stick-built structures.