Triumph’s NextGen Green Mobile Offices improves upon typical trailers. We’ve taken just the right amount of upgrades to make it affordable enough for a temporary user while having it green enough to be labeled NextGen. Triumph Modular is the leader in green relocatable space. Customers can take the NextGen to greener levels depending on their use and budget by collaborating with a Triumph sustainability consultant and adding from a menu of upgrades.


Increasing the size of the windows on the NextGen allows for more natural light. Double paned insulated glass – energy star rated or equal – slows the transfer of heat. Windows are the weakest point of the thermal envelope and a critical component of energy efficiency is to pay attention to heat loss through areas of glazing.

Low emissivity glass which reflects radiant infrared energy keeps radiant heat on the same side of the glass, while letting visible light pass. Winter heat from indoors is reflected back inside and the hot summer sun is reflected away.

Doors and Weatherization:


Sturdy solid core insulated steel doors are a key component to the integrity of the continuous building envelope and air barrier. A recycled plastic sweep at the bottom door edge seals out air movement but is gentle enough that the door’s function is not affected. Weather stripping around the entire door provides air tightness at door openings. Sealing the exterior skin of the mobile office with careful attention to cracks and gaps is a detail that is not overlooked.


Interior walls of the mobile office are bright vinyl covered gypsum. Older construction trailers normally had dark paneling on interior walls.interior of a mobile office trailer Small elements of green design such as lighter environments advance the senses and are scientifically proven to increase worker productivity. At least eight feet of wall is painted with Whiteboard Paint with Dry Erase texture. This adds texture differentiation to interior walls and adds a user-friendly element.


Programmable Thermostats and Advanced Thermostat Controller with Occupancy Sensor. The primary function is to cut the power to the T –Stat and shut HVAC off either by sensing an unoccupied room or by learned occupancy. Outside ventilation air is restricted during unoccupied periods eliminating wasted heating and cooling costs. Occupants will have one hour at max setting to show movement or the HVAC will go into shut off. This will save the user money especially when the units are only occupied during working hours or even partial days.


The building is equipped with motion detectors and lighting level sensors that turn off the lights when sensing an unoccupied area, and also turns off the lights if ample direct natural light is available. This reduces cost and waste associated with people leaving lights on when the light is not needed. Natural daylighting reduces the need for artificial light and enhances human visual comfort and worker productivity. (See Upgrade Options: Sun Tunnels below)

Water Conservation:

For units with bathrooms, the NextGen will be attentive to water conservation with hands-free sensor faucets and low flow water closets (1.1 gallons per flush).



Option 1: Dibond brushed aluminum (or similar) siding with ribbon. Dibond is a special aluminum alloy offering increased corrosion resistance and is fully recyclable. This option includes the Acoustics and R-Value Package (see below).

Option 2: Big graphics make a big statement. Create a custom vinyl building “Wrap” with graphics. Make your green building a focal point!

Acoustics and R-Value Package:

SONOPAN (or similar) wallboard is attached to the exterior of the wall studs in 4 x 8 panels. Vapor barrier is attached to the wallboard and the exterior finish siding is attached to this substrate. With walls exposed, all wall cavities are filled with R21 insulation or better, providing an estimated total of R30 in the walls. This provides superior acoustics and SONOPAN is made entirely from natural products such as recycled wood fibers, starch, water and organic coloring. A baffler is added to plenum wall which reduces vibration and sound from the HVAC by up to 40%.

The NextGen achieves superior R-Values to building structural envelope including the walls, ceiling and floor which slows the loss of heat and reduces the heating load. This option is included in the Dibond Exterior optional upgrade or available as an upgrade to the standard T-11 standard siding.


White reflective roof membrane reduces cooling load in hot sunny climates and during summer periods.

Sun Tubes:

Sun tunnels have proven to work well in an overall day-lighting strategy to reduce the need for artificial light while also enhancing the sensory environment for increased human comfort.

Zero Net Trailers and Sources of Energy:

Triumph Modular Inc. also offers energy neutral modular buildings.