Temporary Shower/Locker Rooms

Triumph offers modular buildings for showers, temporary locker rooms and bathroom facilities. We can also customize modular buildings either new or from our existing fleet to meet your exact requirements and specifications. See below for a custom locker room example.

Project Example – Locker Rooms

This two piece addition to the ice rink at Lawrence Academy in Groton, Massachusetts, is just one example of how modular buildings can help you achieve a specific space goal. Schools are invested in their athletic programs and by connecting this facility to the rink, Lawrence Academy was able to provide their athletic staff and hockey teams with much-needed locker room space to suit their needs and at an affordable price.

Interior finishes that included wainscoting, crown molding and custom built equipment lockers, were a priority for this project. In cases where the exterior facade is the priority, it too can be customized to blend with existing architecture and maintain the aesthetics of it’s surroundings whether it be wood, brick or any other variety of materials.

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