KFC: Prefab Custom Modules

KFC Exterior in Custom Brick

Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Square Footage: 3042 square feet, plus full basement
Time to Complete: From start of demolition to completion on site, 5 weeks

With speed to re-opening a primary consideration to protect market share and minimize lost sales, modular construction was chosen for its expedited timeline.

As crews were taking down the old restaurant, work on prefab custom modules for the new building was underway at NRB’s production facility. While the new restaurant was to incorporate seating for 54 persons, the original site was small, and a basement was needed to accommodate employee services, storage and some extra equipment. With modular construction, the basement was excavated and a concrete floor poured as module fabrication continued.

Structurally, the new restaurant was designed in five custom modules, with concrete poured over steel deck for the floors. The centre and longest unit was 38 feet long, 12 feet wide, 14 feet high, and weighed 45,000 pounds. The new KFC restaurant features exterior brick, and all interior finishes are identical to those used in their conventionally built stores. All cabinets, counters and planters, plus solid oak window frames and trim, were installed at the NRB plant.

This project is an excellent example of how a client can receive superior build quality equal to or better than conventional construction, while at the same time benefiting from a dramatically compressed timeline, with no compromise in fit and finish, particularly important for competitive national marketers.

Another quality facility built by NRB Inc.

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