When we at Triumph learn about the most credible and up to date sources of information concerning the built environment and its impact on productivity and learning, we bring it to you here in the Resources Section of our web site.


pdf_icon Alteris Renewables FAQs 378kb PDF
pdf_icon BARD Relocatable Classroom Acoustical Study 1.02mb PDF
pdf_icon BARD Quiet Climate 2 and SmartSpace Case Study 1.28mb PDF
pdf_icon BARD Val Verde Case Study 1.92mb PDF
pdf_icon CHPS Relocatable Classrooms 2.64 PDF
pdf_icon Energy Performance and the Green Modular Classroom 174kb PDF
pdf_icon Greening America’s Schools – Costs and Benefits 1.71mb PDF
pdf_icon Improving Ventilation and Saving Energy LBNL Lab Study 930kb PDF
pdf_icon MA Tech Collaborative – High-Performance Green School Buildings 4.55mb PDF
pdf_icon McGraw Hill – Green Schools SmartMarket Research Study 2013 479kb PDF
pdf_icon USG – Acoustical Ceilings – Indoor Environmental Quality 1.24mb PDF
pdf_icon Windows Classrooms Natural Light Study 1.27mb PDF


Adobe PDF MBI 2015 Permanent Modular Construction and Relocatable Buildings – Annual Report 2.5mb PDF
pdf_icon Building Design + Construction – Green Buildings + Climate Change – Nov 2008 2.88mb PDF
pdf_icon Building Design + Construction – Green Buildings Research White Paper – Oct 2007 3.12mb PDF
pdf_icon Building Design + Construction – Green Buildings and the Bottom Line – Nov 2006 3.93mb PDF
pdf_icon Building Design + Construction – Life Cycle Assess. and Sustainability – Nov 2005 2.69mb PDF
pdf_icon Building Design + Construction – Progress Report on Sustainability – Nov 2004 1.25mb PDF
pdf_icon Building Design + Construction – White Paper on Sustainability – Nov 2003 809kb PDF
pdf_icon EPA – Energy Star – The Power to Protect the Env. through Energy Efficiency 301kb PDF
pdf_icon Getting to Zero – Final Report of the MA Zero Net Energy Buildings Task Force 5.78mb PDF
pdf_icon Green Building Task Force Report – Fall 2004 1.50mb PDF
pdf_icon MBI – Modular Building and the USGBC’s LEED Building Rating System 2009 1.57mb PDF
pdf_icon Trends in Green – Modular Advantages in LEED System 79kb PDF
Adobe PDF MBI Portables Toolkit 470kb PDF
Adobe PDF MBI Durability Paper 447kb PDF
Adobe PDF MBI Improving Construction Efficiency 267kb PDF
Adobe PDF McGraw-Hill Construction Report – Prefabrication and Modularization… 3.57mb PDF

Rental Terms and Conditions

pdf_icon Standard Terms and Conditions 86kb PDF

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