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Temporary Modular Building

Many people who call Triumph for temporary space have a unique facilities or space problem. Triumph is staffed with professionals who have contracted, delivered and installed literally hundreds of buildings for a wide variety of uses. Our buildings, capable of being leased and re-located, offer flexibility most often valued in times of uncertainty. Permanency of construction often has people thinking about alternatives and there are many good ones available.

Given upgraded design and materials of temporary buildings, you wouldn’t know that many of our buildings are temporary and are capable of being leased. Just because a building is temporary, doesn’t mean that it has to be ugly. Their ability to move does not render them inferior! To the contrary, it can be innovative, energy efficient and provide a healthy and positive environment for its occupants.

At Triumph Modular, we start with understanding your space dilemma or need. We discuss your use with you, deciding how many people you have and what the requirements are for the space. We layout your floor plan and determine whether we have an existing building that could meet your needs affordably. We don’t want you to have to spend a lot of money on design if your goal is to avoid that. However, we also provide custom buildings as well. Together with architectural services hired by you or contracted by Triumph we review a comprehensive checklist of issues presented by adding a temporary building to a community. There are permitting, approvals, code and engineering requirements that we must work together as a team for a successful project.

Read more about our Team and Triumph’s Consulting Services. Triumph can support you every step of the way. Lease to own arrangements can be made as well.

Temporary Projects
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