Collaborative Approaches to Construction

The diagram above reflects the importance of collaboration and communication in all successful construction projects.  Abundant research supports the fact that proper planning of a building project is a critical component of any successful building project.  Pre-Construction includes the involvement of the appropriate professionals, including architectural and engineering, to uncover the many requirements of permitting a project and enabling a site for a building which includes clearing and contouring land, storm water management, utility locations and connections and much more.  The careful planning includes scheduling and the all important aspects of helping owners control costs to an articulated and known budget.  Often it can take months to reach agreement as to what a completed project will cost, but in almost all cases the time spent in pre construction planning and researching will save money during the construction phase.

Design Build and Design Assistance  

Triumph offers both design and design assistance to help Owners bring their idea to a workable solution, within their budget.  We are most often hired as a Design Build firm.  We hire designers to provide schematic and design development drawings, facilitating their role on the team with that of the modular factory.   Triumph is the installer of the modular buildings and must coordinate the modular boxes so that they transport, ship , set and function as designed after installation and according to the plans set in motion for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems within the buildings.  Offering direct design services is our favored approach to a project because it offers the client a single contract, and it provides us the management control over time and budget – coordination of the whole process –  that our past clients have valued greatly.   We also offer Design assistance to architects who have been hired directly by an owner to design a building .  In this case we enter into a CM/GC contract with the Owner, but still coordinate very carefully with owner and architect to ensure that the building designs maximize the savings and efficiency afforded by using off site fabricated modular building sections.

Feasibility and Budgeting

As the design develops, GMP pricing can be provided to meet project budget requirements. Members of Triumph’s PMC Team (Permanent Modular Construction) have over 100 years of combined experience with modular building projects.   We utilize those experiences, and many past building projects,   close relationships with modular building factories, to procure the latest in costing information to form reliable statements about potential costs of building types and system choices, such as HVAC and other material choices that can impact budgets.   Site conditions have the largest bearing on cost of a building project, and budgeting for unknown site conditions is not possible, however we do provide owners a range of considerations to consider to uncover many of the conditions that may present costs, we use allowances and contingency planning to provide a road map to get owners to where they need to be . Staying on the same page with project stakeholders so there are no un expected cost over runs is our number one goal.