Many who contact Triumph for a temporary solution have a unique facility or space problem.  Whether they need office space during renovations, additional classrooms for a school, or a training center for a business or university, our temporary buildings offer flexibility to meet their changing needs.  Triumph offers modular consulting services provided by our own staff of experienced professionals. In addition, we collaborate with professional service providers such as engineers and architects in some instances.

Triumph Modular’s services start with understanding your space dilemma or need. We explain the common misconceptions associated with the term modular. Next, we help you determine space requirements, provide budgeting guidelines and offer suitable floor plan options. Understanding the project scope upfront with the help of our team of professionals will help reduce risk and aid in your satisfactory project outcome.

Our areas of consulting include:

  • Feasibility and budgeting
  • Planning and design
  • Scheduling
  • Construction management
  • Zoning and permitting
  • Site preparation
  • Utility installations and connections
  • Foundations, landscaping, roads/lots and much more.