It is Official Gold LEED Certification for Whittlesey Village in Acton

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LEED certified modular building

In early December 2013, Triumph Modular received the official certificate from the USGBC, Whittlesey Village, the Acton Housing Authority project achieved the LEED certification for Homes illustrating a Gold certification!

Past blog articles about the Acton project for example, Affordable, Green and Modular Multi-Unit Housing and Going for Gold tell parts of the story, but this project’s results have had far reaching positive implications for the community of Acton. As the general contractor, Triumph was in charge of the factory construction of the modular units, transportation to the site, assembly and finish work, in addition to the infrastructure related to the site. This project, as most construction, was not without challenges along the way but overall, we are happy to report this modular construction project as a success!

Safe Delivery of Modular Construction

An interesting thing about Whittlesey Village is that the project meant many different things to many different people. The Boston Globe article by reporter Jennifer Fenn Lefferts, looks at the different players from the housing authority to the occupants to government programs involved. Lefferts shares some of their diverse perspectives on not just this affordable housing project but future housing authority projects as well. Overall, the results look positive on all fronts. What is not to like about a “gold” project?

Note: If you have difficulty opening the link to the Globe article, try linking here to read a copy from our archive.

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